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Updated Regularly

Regular updates on what is being added, changed, and improved here at Bia.

Custom Exposure Exercises
William, February 15 2024

We are very excited to announce custom exposure exercises. Now you or your therapist can instantly create exposure activities specific to you, and practice your skills in our guided exposure flow. Read more.

Everything you need to know about Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy
Research Spotlight
William, February 5 2024

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy is the gold standard clinically proven treatment for OCD, phobia, and anxiety disorders. Here's everything you need to know to get started.

Recovery Pyramid
Personal Experience
William, January 10 2024

Recovery is not a straight line. I visualize my recovery as a pyramid, each stone just as important as the rest. Here is how I built my pyramid.

William, December 11 2023

We recently reached a major milestone - 10,000 exposure exercises have been completed on Bia. In this post, we will celebrate the courage and growth of people around the world.

The shirt I couldn't wear for 13 years
Personal Experience
William, October 14 2023

After a bad experience I could not bring myself to wear a shirt for 13 years. This blog post is about that shirt and how I eventually put it back on.

Guided Exposure
Behind the Scenes
William, October 5 2023

Read about Guided Exposure, the only exposure tool that adapts to your input, slowing down when needed, and ensures your exposure sessions are successful.

No Burp Syndrome
Research Spotlight
September 28 2023

Can you burp? Many people with emetophobia cannot. In this spotlight we review two recently described physical syndromes that you may have experienced.

Design Evolution of Bia
Behind the Scenes
William, September 24th 2023

Take a quick look into how Bia has evolved over the past four years.

How common is emetophobia?
Research Spotlight
September 21 2023

How common is emetophobia?

Bia - From Personal Project to Recovery Tool
Behind the Scenes
William, September 16th 2023

Bia started out as a personal project during my recovery from emetophobia. Building it was a form of therapy, a way to learn about phobia and focus on recovery. Eventually, I knew it had the potential to help others take their life back.

Gagging and Vomit in Comedy
Personal Experience
William, May 18th 2023

I never understood why there was so much gagging and vomit in movies and tv shows. It frustrated me and caused me panic. But as I recovered, I had a few revelations that changed my perspective.

Dance Like Everyone is Watching
Personal Experience
William, April 22nd 2023

This cheesy saying has had a positive impact on my emetophobia. It's a subtle but powerful mind shift. Don't dance like no one is watching, dance like everyone is watching, and you still don't care.

My Emetophobia Timeline
Personal Experience
William, March 21st 2023

A timeline of my emetophobia and how it evolved throughout my life.

Guilty Memories of Emetophobia
Personal Experience
William, October 7th 2022

I have struggled with regret and guilt for decisions I made that ultimately were driven by emetophobia. In this post I talk about a session in therapy where I finally released myself of this mountain of guilt.

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