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A Major Milestone

We recently reached a major milestone - 10,000 exposure exercises have been completed on Bia. In this post, we will celebrate the courage and growth of people around the world.

It takes immense courage to turn around and face a phobia. It's often the last thing people imagine themselves doing. Facing a phobia may involve processing past trauma, guilt, and shame. Phobia thrives off feedback cycles in the brain that strengthen associations over time - exposure works to incrementally reverse these feedback cycles and turn them into positive ones. It is a process of trust. It is a process that involves intentionally practicing sitting in discomfort.

"People living with phobia are living every day in spite of their fear. This is why they are the most courageous people you will ever meet. But many people with phobia don't see it that way, they are so hard on themselves and expect they will have to 'tough it out' to get better. Once they see they are already living extremely courageously, they can channel that energy toward recovery. I believe recovery starts with being kinder to yourself and it ends with confidence and freedom."

- Willy, Founder and Fellow Emetophobic in Recovery

10,000 completed exposure activities is a testament to the courage of those living with emetophobia. Since we launched Bia, people have shown up every day to practice exposure, revisit difficult exercises, and overcome challenges. Research shows exposure is an effective treatment for phobia. We built Bia to help people start and follow through with exposure practice. With 10,000 exposure activities completed, we are just starting the journey of helping people take their life back from phobia.


To those that have started your recovery journey, congratulations. Oftentimes, getting started is the hardest step. To those considering starting your journey, the perfect moment to start is right now. You deserve a life free from phobia.