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Find a Therapist

Finding a therapist you trust may take time, but the only way to find one is to search. Your life is worth the time to find a therapist.

We recommend using a web resource to identify therapists near you, or therapists providing teletherapy. Next, reach out to therapists and ask if they have experience treating phobia, emetophobia, or OCD, specifically using ERP or ACT. Most therapists will offer a free consultation to understand if you are a good fit for each other.

Try our therapist search tool.

How do you email a therapist?

Types of Therapy

Several forms of therapy have been shown to be effective in treating emetophobia.


Bia combines techniques from ERP, ACT, and CBT. Learn core concepts in short lessons, and practice new skills in interactive exercises. Bia can be used with or without the aide of a therapist.

If you are currently in therapy, Bia can be a great tool to help you apply your skills and track your progress.

If you are not in therapy, Bia is an easy way to start on your journey and explore what is possible.


Here are some other resources that might be helpful: