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We are always looking for your input on what to improve, add, or fix. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

May 1 - 2024
  • We are very excited to launch the provider portal for Bia. Therapists and counselors can use the provider portal to create custom exposure exercises, monitor progress, and automatically chart phobia severity. It is completely free for providers. We are proud to partner with care providers to enhance therapeutic outcomes.
April 1 - 2024
  • We are expanding the therapy toolbox! As you complete lessons on Bia you unlock new skills in your therapy toolbox which you can access anytime. Master new skills and take your life back from phobia. We are continuously adding new lessons and tools from CBT, ACT, and DBT
March 1 - 2024
  • Introducing Exposure Games. Now you can optionally enable games as a part of your exposure practice. Play interactive games with content from your exposure hierarchy, take away the power of this content by engaging with it. The inclusion of games can be enabled or disabled in the Personalize activity.
  • We added the ability to 'Logout All Devices' from the account page. This way if you lose access to a device you can ensure your sessions are all logged out.
February 15 - 2024
  • Introducing Custom Exposure Exercises! With this new feature anyone can quickly create custom exposure exercises from words, sentences, images, and videos. Read more.
January 15 - 2024
  • New blog post about the Recovery Pyramid
  • Check out the new Community Survey. A live poll running 24/7 recording answers from fellow emetophobics. Submit your answer to see the community results and let us know, what should we ask next?
December 15 - 2023
  • We've added support for paying through paypal, per multiple user requests.
  • We made the community feed much faster with some simple caching logic
November 30 - 2023
  • We've added a new module for parents with emetophobia. You can enable this module in the 'personalize' activity. When enabled, special parenting focused lessons and exercises will be inserted in your journey.
November 15 - 2023
  • We've added a new chapter with 5 new activities called the 'Sensations' chapter. In this chapter, learn about interoceptive exposure and apply practice in slow incremental activities.
October 30 - 2023
  • We've added a new lesson where you can practice identifying discomfort as either clean or dirty. How many can you correctly identify?
  • We are adding some animated videos to our lessons about core phobia concepts. If you prefer reading, simply click the button that says 'Read this Instead'.
  • Now when you complete your daily activities you can see a summary of your session. Use this to review - how did you do today? Did you reach your daily goal?
October 14 - 2023
  • We introduced some performance and accessibility improvements this week. This includes things like, better sized images to reduce bandwidth needs and speed up page load, higher contrast between background and text, better spacing for footer links, fixed missing aria-labels, eliminating need for jquery, and more.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the account language setting to reset during login with Google/Facebook. You can change or fix your language setting from the account page
  • Added the milestone path preview to weekly practice reminders. See exactly what is needed in the next week to reach your next milestone. You can enable or disable weekly practice reminder emails in the personalize activity.
October 1 - 2023
  • We've launched two tools to help you find a therapist for emetophobia. First, our guided search tool will answer common questions about therapists and guide you through using some common search tools. Second, our email generator will automatically build you a clear, concise email to make reaching out to a therapist even easier.
September 24 - 2023
  • Introducing the first version of Bia in Spanish, German, French and Italian. Bia lowers the barrier to starting emetophobia recovery by putting you in control of exposure. We are excited to lower this barrier for more people around the world. Visit your account page to change your preferred language. Let us know, what language should we add next?
  • The 'Anxiety Over Time' lesson now features animated interactive graphs.
  • New blog post - A behind the scenes view into the evolution of Bia
September 16 - 2023
  • We've updated to a cool color scheme from our previous warm one. You will still find the warm color scheme in some places, like tracking your practice streak on the progress page.
  • Bia is proud to partner with therapists to improve exposure therapy success. Therapists can now provide you with free or discounted subscriptions to Bia. Ask your therapist for your code today.
  • New blog post - The history of Bia
  • Our weekly updates are based on feedback from users like you. Let us know how we can improve your recovery experience with our new feedback survey.
September 1 - 2023
  • Added the 'Continue with Facebook' option. Get started or continue your journey with Bia using your Facebook account to login.
  • Added bold, underline, lists and more text customization to the Journal.
August 27 - 2023
  • Added the 'Continue with Google' option. Get started or continue your journey with Bia using your Google account to login.
  • Improved challenge summary - now you will find a graph of all your activity for a milestone when you conquer a challenge!
August 17 - 2023
  • Some listening content now features a new female narrator.
  • Added the exercise 'Sentences 2'. This exercise provides more variety of reading and listening activities.
August 10 - 2023
  • Added the lesson 'The Science of Phobia'. Our brains are incredible learning machines. This lesson reviews how phobia can be a result of the brains learning process and how that same process can be used to remove phobia from our lives.
July 26 - 2023
  • Added the Journal. You can enable or disable journaling as a part of your journey in the Personalize activity. If enabled, Bia will prompt you to make occasional journal entries, or you can add an entry anytime from the Today page.
July 12 - 2023
  • The Today page now includes a 'Warm Up' section with exercises you have successfully completed.
  • The Personalize activity now includes a 'Placement Test'. The placement test will help you identify where in your content hierarchy you should start, or, you can always start from the beginning.
June 26 - 2023
  • Added the Today page. We are excited to launch the Today page, which dynamically selects lessons and exercises for you to complete. Based on your current progress, momentum, and goals, the Today page helps you make daily progress on your journey and improve on previous activities. Check out your recommended activities on the Today page.
June 12 - 2023
  • Added a safety behavior check. During an exercise, Bia may check in to see if you are relying on any safety behaviors and help you continue without them.
  • Added a lesson on 'Intrusive Thoughts'.
May 22 - 2023
  • Added a lesson on 'Recovery Setbacks'.
  • Added the emetophobia severity test.
  • Improved text size for check boxes on mobile devices.
May 16 - 2023
  • Added a lesson covering the concept of Rumination, how to identify it, and techniques to reduce it.
  • Added streak tracking! In the progress tab, track how many days and weeks you have completed at least one exercise in a row. If you don't want to track your streak, you can hide streak tracking by updating your preference in the 'goal' exercise.
May 8 - 2023
  • Added the 'Toilets' exercise in the Real Images milestone.
  • Added the 'Glossary' page. This page can be accessed through the Progress page and contains essential terms from emetophobia, psychology, and Bia. Terms are added to the glossary as lessons are completed.
  • Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Support pressing of the enter key when logging in.
May 1 - 2023
  • Updated the description of dirty and clean discomfort in the goal activity to better clarify how they are used to personalize the Bia experience.
  • Improved scrolling on mobile devices for long lessons.
  • Allow custom entries in impact, motivation, and other appropriate checkbox select activities.
April 19 - 2023
  • Added a 'retry' button to exercise checkpoints. This allows you to immediately revisit content in a phase if you need to sit with it longer.
  • Added the audio only 'Gagging and Vomiting Sounds' exercise in the Real Videos milestone.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing horizontal scroll on mobile devices.
Request a Feature

We are always looking for your input on what to improve, add, or fix. Please feel free to contact us anytime.