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For Therapists

What is Bia?

Bia is a tool for practicing exposure and response prevention. Give your client a safe tool to practice graded exposure on their phone, computer, or tablet. Encourage proper exposure following a structured, customizable hierarchy of curated content.

Used by people all over the world, Bia lowers the barrier to starting recovery by putting control in the hands of the user, and encourages follow through by tracking progress and dynamically adapting to users needs. Bia is based on research but is itself not researched. For research partnerships, please contact us. Bia is not a replacement for therapy. We are proud to partner with therapy providers to improve client outcomes.

What is Emetophobia?

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Curious if Bia is right for your client? Want to learn more about how Bia works? Complete the form below to receive Bia's therapist information sheet. For suggestions or questions, please contact us.

If you are a graduate student, or a recent graduate without a license, please continue to contact us with this form using your edu email address.

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Bia never shares your data with third parties.